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I’m lucky because I get the opportunity to work with other people interested in family history quite frequently.  I had that opportunity just this morning.  I met with a lady who’s a little older than I am.  She’s had some health challenges and wants to make sure she leaves a legacy for her family.

She told me about her grandfather, who came to the US from Germany right before WWII.  She’s one of the last people in her family to have known him, to have heard his stories.  She decided that she was going to write down those stories for her children.

I shared with her one of my favorite FamilySearch features, Memories.


Memories allows you to preserve and share photos, stories, documents, audio and video.  It also has a search feature, so that others can find images which have been preserved by distant relatives.

Another lady I’ve been working with used to work at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  Over the years, she’s written incredible articles about her ancestors.  She’s been uploading them as memories.  Now her extended family can partake in her detailed accounts of those who’ve gone before.

I’ve uploaded records for my family too.  Here’s a will for Joseph Boxwell, a Revolutionary War soldier.  Memories even has its own search page, so you can search for memories others have shared.  For unique names like Boxwell or Lantzy, many of the memories are of my relatives.

Try searching4ancestors at FamilySearch’s memories section.  You never know what you’ll find!