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Finding Records for Your Region

Another thing I love about FamilySearch is it allows you to immediately narrow your search by region.

One of my family names is Lantzy.  They settled in Pennsylvania after arriving from Wallbach, Canton Aargau, Switzerland in 1816.  Since I have a surname and a state, I can go straight to FamilySearch’s Search Page and scroll down to the map.


When you click on a region, it will highlight and show you the subdivisions.  So for the US, I’ll see states.  For Canada, I’ll see provinces.  For Europe, I’ll see countries.


When I click Pennsylvania, I see that there are 131 MILLION searchable names just for the state of Pennsylvania.  Amazing!  After I click, I go to a page specifically for that location.


As you can see, not only do I get a search window specifically for Pennsylvania records, but on the right, I also get Learning Center videos to help me learn to research records in Pennsylvania.

Using the map to narrow down my search works the same way internationally as it does for the US.  If I click Canada, I see provinces.  If I click Europe, I see countries.

The Learning Center is an amazing resource, whether you’re brand new to family history or are looking to take your skills to the next level.


You can search the Learning Center by country or by topic.  There are amazing resources to help you be more successful searching4ancestors.

Best of luck searching4ancestors!


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