Family Search, Finding Records


Since is my go-to research site, it seems like a good first blog.

Although there are lots of great research sites out there, many of them are pay sites.  That is why is the site I use most for family history.  It is a free site and new records are added all the time.

Even though FamilySearch is free, you do need to register for an account to have full access to the information provided.

The homepage has several useful features.  In the upper right, you’ll see the button for a “Free Account”


There is also a sign in and a get help button up there.

Two words about “Get Help” from FamilySearch…it’s incredible.  There is a quick start video, a learning center with research videos, and a research Wiki which covers pretty much every topic you can imagine.


There are also numerous “Contact Us” options.  I’ve used them all.  =)  They can help with pretty much everything…from how to get started to technical questions to how to find resources to help you with research.  If you’re more comfortable conversing in a language other than English, just let the FamilySearch representative know.  They can link you up with someone who speaks your language.

If you’ve never tried FamilySearch, I’d really encourage you to give it a whirl.  You can search for records without an account.

Happy searching4ancestors…


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